Regulations for domestic water supplies
(decree 120/91 on 11 June)

The decree approves the regulation of domestic water supplies in Andalusia, by which the relationship between the Entity that supplies the domestic drinking water service (Aguas y Servicios de la Costa Tropical de Granada AIE) and those who receive these services are regulated, indicating the basic rights and obligations of each party.

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Regulation for provision of water supply, sanitation, and purification services (B.O.P. Nº 44- Granada on 7/03/2014)

This present Regulation of Service Provision aims to determine the conditions that should govern the relationships between subscribers to the Water Supply and Sanitation Service, including the Wastewater Treatment, and the Provider of this service, within the scope of the Granada Tropical Coast municipalities in the territory, with this Provider currently being the company: Aguas y Servicios de la Costa Tropical de Granada A.I.E.

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