Quality and the Environment

Aguas y Servicios, is aware that the satisfactory functioning of the Company means that our management is systematic and transparent, and so with the aim of continually improving the services we offer in this geographical area, while also considering the current and future requirements of our clients and other interested parties, we have implemented a Quality Management System, based on the Spanish ISO 9001:2000 requirements.

The Quality Management System we have put in place at Aguas y Servicios has the main following objectives:

  • Ensure that we offer our services with the Level of Quality appropriate for the requirements and current and future expectations of our Clients
  • To make sure that we meet all of the applicable legal requirements and regulations.
  • To ensure that we maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our providers, involving them in the improvement of our services.

Finally, as the culmination of providing a complete water cycle service which is searching for quality above all, we have implemented a Quality Charter, a commitment to a series of objectives, beyond those of the legislation and the established standards.

The Quality Charter is designed for all of the clients of Aguas y Servicios de la Costa Tropical de Granada AIE. The Quality Charter is framed within a consensus with the Municipality Community, the Provincial Consumption Council (Consejo Provincial de Consumption) and the Consumer Associations FACUA, UCA, and Housewives of Grenada.

The Company is fully aware of the importance of respect for the environment, and so to raise awareness, has been promoting a Drawing Contest for primary school students in the municipalities in which it provides services. The theme always revolves around sustainability and respect for the Environment from the perspective of raising awareness about water resources.