Exploitation and infrastructure

Aguas y Servicios de la Costa Tropical de Granada AIE serves a fixed population of 115,000 inhabitants, which can reach 220,000 inhabitants in holiday seasons.

To guarantee coverage for this demand, our facilities supply water through a 640 Km-long network.

The water we supply originates in:

As well as water captured in several wells and springs.

The Drinking Water Analysis Laboratory guarantees that the water is suitable for human consumption by performing more than 26,000 analyses annually. The main facilities that Aguas y Servicios rely on for our water supply are:

Aguas y Servicios currently has six sewage waste-water purification plants:

To guarantee that the water resulting from the purification treatment processes meet the current regulations regarding discharged materials, we have a central Sewage Water Analysis Laboratory and several others distributed among the purification facilities.